3M unveils energy saving window films

3M unveils energy saving window films
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3M India launched a new range of multi-purpose window films, perfect for buildings of all sorts – apartments to high-rise. These unique films reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat ensuing a host of advantages such as moderating temperatures indoor, turning up the efficiency of the air conditioning system and reducing energy costs.

With commercial buildings resorting to increased usage of glass windows for greater appeal and allowing ample sunlight indoors they come with their share of problems such as higher energy costs incurred in air-conditioning, safety and security issues, fading of materials like carpets, curtains, paint, artefacts… etc., just to name a few.

Considering these issues, 3M designed a Multi-layer ultra-thin high performance window films. Features enclosed below:

a. Multi-layer thin films: 3M window films use multiple layers of micro-thin polyester which are designed to outperform all other films. This superior performance is due to the remarkable flexibility which makes it stretch and not tear. Multiple micro-layers also help in rejecting Infrared energy, thus reducing heat gain inside building due to solar radiation.

b. Prevent graffiti from defacing the building: Films for exterior windows protect the glass from graffiti. It acts as a first line of defence against paint, gouging, scratching and even acid etching. In case of some damage one can simply replace the film.

c. Helps eliminate visible glare: Sometimes even a brightly decorated room can be painful on the eyes when sunlight fills the room. 3M window films significantly reduce glare and provide occupant’s comfort for better productivity.

d. Safety and security: During disasters such as bomb blasts and earthquakes, these window films help keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and in many circumstances, will help keep out wind and rain even after glass break. Many types of glass are known to break spontaneously and 3M windows films are helpful in glass fragment retention. 3M Window Films are also helpful in deterring street crime by holding the glass in place even when criminals try to smash them.

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