A Mindful and lifestyle-based approach to colour trends

A Mindful and lifestyle-based approach to colour trends
Jul 2019 , by , in Interviews

Realty+ in conversation with Esha Chaudhry, design director, Studio hba.

What are the current interior colour trends?

The year has seen a rise in more mindful and lifestyle-based approach to colour trends. With increased awareness of personal and personalized spaces, consumer’s mental demands, digital engagements and healthier life styles have inspired the colour choices immensely. Trending are the following:

  1. Coral: Energizing, fresh, uplifting. It’s adaptive and distinctive at the same time, an instant mood booster. Pair it with tiffany blue or white for a feminine touch or navy blue for a masculine twist.
  2. Pale Pink: Soft, compassionate, intimate. It’s neutral and compatible nature can well pair with any colour, shade and style. Pair it with yellow, blue, orange, it’s sweet and gentle to compliment anything.
  3. Misty Blues: Calming, serene, timeless and elegant. Mostly associated with Scandinavian design styles. Works wonderfully with creams, corals, whites.
  4. Citrus: Electric, playful. Orange, yellow, green all citrus colours display abundance, positivity and attitude. Perfectly complements a joyful and an edgier lifestyle. Pair it with neutral and/or monochromatic tones to balance out.
  5. Muted purple: Rich, mellow, mysterious, powerful. In essence this colour symbolizes a union of body and soul which helps in creating a balance between physical and spiritual energies. Its grey undertones make it a great choice for contemporary spaces.
  6. Lilac: Feminine, graceful, royal and nostalgic. It’s fun and fresh, looks great with contemporary designs.


How can paint play a role in making homes healthier and cleaner?

The effect can be seen in two different ways. Any entity has a physical and psychological impact on human life.

Physical impact: Quality and type of paints contribute significantly to a healthier and clean environment. Whilst most paints for indoor use are safe, however, water based paints are most suitable. They release less to no fumes and come in organic ranges as well. Their properties allow an easy clean fix with soap and water, ideal for everyday use.  Solvent-based or oil-based paints may cause more irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract as mineral oils and fumes react differently than water-based paints.  One must watch out for never using a lead based paint for home indoors as they are very toxic.

Psychological impact: Colour matters and multiple researches prove how colour plays a pivotal role in all our visual experiences. It addresses one of our basic neurological needs for stimulation and required constant visual input. Our homes are our personal sanctuaries that energizes us to operate effectively every day and mental health is equally important, so choose colour wisely.

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