A Purist Form

A Purist Form
Jul 2017 , by , in Design

In the past decade or so, the ideation of the workspace has undergone a sea of transformations. In embracing the new trends Archohm is finding custom made solutions in their designs for today’s workplaces.

With a realization that more and more hours are spent within the office, the conceptualization of the space planning, furniture trends, visual aesthetics and branding have seen fundamental changes in their approach.

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Employers today are looking at transparent planning, constant communication, health and green incentives while breaking down barriers between the team. No longer are cabins, work cubicles and large closed meeting rooms, the rule; it is time for collaboration and co-working. Also, each workspace is more than a design. It is an envisioned habitat that aims to showcase the brand on every level, while incorporating a purist balance of function and aesthetics.

As per Archohm Founder Sourabh Gupta, the dialogues are always about finding the “Big Idea”. Driven by the principle of form follows function the concept moves beyond the idea of just finding placement of requirements but actually reinterpreting the brief to the next level.


Media houseImage number 3 archohm studio by andre j fanthomeImage number 11 archohm studio by andre j fanthome


Finding connections and narratives within the spaces is the design for a media house in Delhi.

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Propagating the idea of the purist form, the circle of connection forms patterns in walls and ceiling designs. Providing floating corners for interactions, book shelf partitions and designer cabins are the key elements. Every element introduced has a function and clear relevance in its placement.

A mélange of brick, rough natural rubble walls and concrete facades enclose what is connecting floor plates of studios, collaborative islands and private spaces for meetings. Signature circular logo cutouts connect double height volumes, large north facing glass facades illuminate work spaces which flow into landscaped amphitheaters, walkways and terrace gardens. The inclusion of iconic global design furniture elements inspires all against the backdrop of natural light play and textured enclosures.

Taking the colors of the branding and showcasing the vibrancy of this Media House, the office is a riot of patterns which connects multiple functions. The vivacious surroundings complement the long hours and creative work done by the team and provide constant visual engagement.  Privacy in its large open expanse floors plans are done via floating storage and large ceiling architectural light features and not the traditional partition systems.


Media house-Image number 4 archohm studio by andre j fanthome

The clear example of “celebrating the brand” is the office of a solar power & energy company. Inset images photo 1, 6 & 8  with image description credits. 

The design shows scattered circular forms and light sources which talk about what the company’s profile. Meeting areas with the citrus colors are placed along transparent axis in the floor plate in between work areas which become more of a visual focus than just a function. The large circular light embodies the sun at the entrance area before a person arrives at the floating islands of these meeting spaces.  The trademark industrial design look with the grey enclosures and citrus color schemes with the pine wood facades in the furniture forms an identifiable language that is truly trademark. One of the signature elements is the stepped amphitheater design which becomes a stage and meeting area for the staff to come in and discuss in a more.

Subhashish Mandal,

Team Leader, Interiors

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