AMC issues notices to 94 builders

AMC issues notices to 94 builders
02/04/2019 , by , in News/Views

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has issued notices to 94 builders who have failed to effectively implement the green norms laid down under the General Development Control Regulation. AMC officials said that according to the GDCR a building society should have percolation wells, green spaces, disposal of domestic garbage collection, Solid Waste Transfer Station; separate facility for kitchen and garden waste, and facilities for recycling of waste among others.

The officials said that the authorities have issued notices to 94 such builders who have failed to comply with the green norms laid out by the GDCR. It has been mandated, said officials, that there should be adequate use of solar power, but in many societies, it was found that the provisions were made only on paper. AMC officials said that maximum construction was going on in the New West zone area which includes the North and Southwest zones, and hence of the 94 builders around 57 were from the New West zone.

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