Ardee residents decry poor upkeep

Ardee residents decry poor upkeep
27/12/2017 , by , in News/Views

Residents of Ardee City are unhappy with the builder for lack of maintenance in the 250-acre township in Sector 51 and its reluctance in handing over the part completion certificate (PCC) to the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) that could have paved the way for the colony’s takeover by the civic body.

The corporation, residents alleged, too wasn’t interested in expediting handover either, leading to issues such as poor maintenance.

“There is a sprawling ground just in front of our house,” said Renu Juyal, a resident. “It has become a dumping yard. We are really distressed by all this. It seems there is no one to take care of all this. I don’t know what handing over to MCG will do but if that will fix all the problems, we are ready for it,” she said.

Kuldeep Singh Bohra, the councillor of ward 31 under which Ardee City falls, said he was also anguished with the builder as well as the MCG. “The maintenance of this area is in tatters. Look here,” he said, pointing towards a heap of waste over which piglets are gorging.

“Can you believe we are living in one of the affluent areas of Gurgaon? It is the same situation all over. Garbage collection doesn’t happen. Roads are worn out. This area is neither under Huda nor the MCG. The builder was supposed to hand it over to the MCG soon after completing construction, but more than 15 years have gone by since this township was built,” he added.

Bohra said Adree Infrastructure had not even handed over the part completion certificate to MCG that would have been a stepping stone towards the takeover. “Residents are also calling me up, demanding construction of a religious place, but the builder has no land to allocate for it despite acres still being vacant,” the councillor said.

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