AREIDA Urges for Correction in Building Bye-laws

AREIDA Urges for Correction in Building Bye-laws
24/01/2017 , by , in News/Views

The Assam Real Estate and Infrastructure Developers’ Association (AREIDA) has appealed to the state government to rectify errors in the existing building bye-laws.

AREIDA president P K Sharma said, “It is difficult to get permission to build houses under the existing Guwahati Building Construction Bye-Laws 2014 which are defective. A section of people with a vested interest prefer the erroneous regulations as they serve their unscrupulous intentions.”

He added that the Guwahati Municipal Corporation and the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority were aware of the errors.

The Centre had published its Model Building Bye-Laws in 2016 and had asked all states to revise their bye-laws accordingly. Sharma said the Centre’s guidelines were far more conducive to doing business.

“The Centre’s guidelines ensure that development initiatives follow statutory norms. It is imperative that these guidelines are followed across the state and not just in Guwahati,” he added

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