Ashok Mohanani elected as president of AIPA

Ashok Mohanani elected as president of AIPA
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After representing India globally and winning silver in the Spanish Open Men’s Double and Bronze in the mixed doubles, Pickleball Championships 2018, leading Indian developer and world-class pickleball champion, Ashok Mohanani has now been elected as the new president of All India Pickleball Association (AIPA) for a tenure of 4 years from 2019-2023. The newly elected team includes Ashok Mohanani in the position of President along with Sunil Valavalkar and Ranjan Gupta as Vice President, and Manish Rao, as Secretary, Rajath Kankar as Treasurer. AIPA a pioneer governing body to promote Pickleball in India.

One of the fastest-growing games in the United States of America, Pickleball, is making a great impact in India too. AIPA is also full member of International Pickleball Federation, USA. Introduced to India a decade ago, Mumbai is the hub of the sport in the country. The sport is already popular in certain pockets of India, with Maharashtra being its main hub.  AIPA will be affiliating minimum 24 states including Union Territories in the next one year. At present AIPA has membership of 12 states and will be introducing Pickleball in schools and colleges as well.

What sets Pickleball apart is that it is great for fitness, unwinding and suitable for player of all ages. Mohanani has immense passion for this game and is truly an inspiration for the youth. He along with fellow players is working towards increasing the reach of this sport by getting it recognition by the government and an entry in Olympics.

“Pickleball is a new sport which is gaining popularity amongst all age groups in India. In a short span, India has been represented at International levels and bagged medals. With over 6000 players already in this game, India has become the 3rd largest country after USA and Canada. I have developed immense passion for the game resulting into a great way for me to remain fit. I endeavour to build this new sport into many folds and this new venture with AIPA will surely raise the level of Pickleball.” Says Ashok Mohanani, President, All India Pickleball Association.


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