Attract Money, Health and Happiness with Bedroom in right direction

Attract Money, Health and Happiness with Bedroom in right direction
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You should love your space and your space should love you. If this love or good energy is in ample proportion, then all is well with your life, says Vastu Expert Prasad Kulkarni and tells you the do’s and don’ts for bedroom locations.

A suitably located bedroom can bless you with marital bliss, good sleep and a relaxed temperament. Directions and Vastu zones have been deeply researched for many centuries and MahaVastu has both the information and solutions for problems that beset many of you. Vastu has ancient traditional remedies for our modern problems.

The highly beneficial and ideal Vastu zones for a bedroom are South, West and East. This selection can be refined further, depending on which occupation you follow. The South is the Vastu zone for relaxation and fame. This bedroom will induce calm and peace and you will enjoy a healthy, relaxed life. The West zone is the area of gains and is another good bedroom location, in terms of financial gains and generally, prosperity in every aspect of your life.

The East is the Vastu area of social associations and can serve as a healthy and happy bedroom for you. The South Vastu zone can also bring you money and is good for married couples. For students and youngsters, the West Vastu zone is beneficial. Bedroom in East helps politicians and people desiring a dazzling, successful public life.

There are other Vastu zones that may be used as a bedroom. The North Vastu zone is good for career-oriented people, but there are some minor, sleep-related problems associated with it. The North-North-East Vastu zone, ideally meant for storing medicines, should sparingly be used when recovering from illness. The East-North-East Vastu zone is one of rejuvenation and fun. Anyone can use it as a bedroom, but it is better suited for older couples, who will not brood over the past and remain happy in their old age.

The South-West Vastu zone is concerned with skills and relationships. This zone is acceptable for use as a bedroom, except that married couples sleeping here will expect too much from each other, which could be stressful. The West-South-West, Vastu zone of study will benefit a stock broker. The South-South-East Vastu zone has the energy of confidence and strength and can be used to develop mental and physical strength. The North-West Vastu zone represents support, so, if you need a loan, or are a financial middleman/negotiator, its energy will help you. The North-North-West Vastu zone is one of attraction and sex. It is best suited for married couples or people of marriageable age and should be sparingly used by young children. One needs to tread with caution in this zone, as it attracts in abundance more of what is present in it.

The Vastu zones that will have definite negative effects on health and relationships are the East-South-East, South-South-West and West-North-West. In the first Vastu zone, anxiety will be the keynote to interpersonal relations, health and sleep, disturbing both factors with over-analysis, churning and obsessive thinking. Quarrels may also erupt. In the second zone, all three factors will get degraded, deposited and wasted away, as this is the primary function of this Vastu zone. In the third Vastu zone, depression will reign supreme. It is best to avoid all three zones completely for use as a bedroom, as all efforts to sleep well or have healthy relations will be nullified. However, the first Vastu zone’s negative effect may be somewhat ameliorated by painting the walls a light green. Lastly, the North-East zone or ‘devsthan’ may be used by old people, but is not recommended as a bedroom. Sleeping here can cause dementia. For younger married couples, it may be disastrous, as the mind will focus on higher, more spiritual issues and the physical relationship will suffer.

Another thing you need to do is check whether the object placements are correct. The symbols and artefacts should be in their proper locations. Ensure that the toilets and dustbins are in the South-South-West.

The bedroom should be a place which relaxes you. When you sleep, you should have sound sleep. The husband-wife relationship should grow more loving and stronger with each passing day. Children should grow up as wholesome, healthy and accomplished individuals. A happy mood and temperament ensures that all tasks are joyfully undertaken.

A happy, healthy marital life is the key to a happy family. Good sleep is essential for good health and a stress-free life. Sleep with your head towards the East or South—it will bring proper sleep.

The writer, Prasad Kulkarni, a well-known MahaVastu Expert of Mumbai is also CEO of MahaVastu Mumbai who has gained scientific and technical Vastu Knowledge directly from Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal.

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