Azzano Built-in Refrigerators launched by Häfele

Azzano Built-in Refrigerators launched by Häfele
08/12/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Hafele launches their latest collection of built-in refrigerators namely the Azzano Collection. Discover the seamless minimalist look and the sophisticated technologies laden into the all-new NagoldAzzano Built-in Refrigerators by Häfele, that elevate the look and performance of your kitchen to a whole new level.

Catering to the Indian consumption pattern these refrigerators have a larger dedicated space for storing your fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the fridge section as compared to the freezer. The Azzano fridge freezer combi. model (HRC300NF) can be installed separately or can be combined with the Azzano full fridge larder ( RF3005) to collectively achieve a  storage capacity of 600 Litres.

Adhering to the rising trend of consumers opting for an open kitchen layout, the Azzano Refrigerators are built to blend in seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry. All features of these refrigerators are carefully thought-out to bring in ease and comfort into your life. The built-in sensors continuously observe your daily refrigeration habits and smartly adapt and regulate the temperatures within various refrigerator zones accordingly while the digital displays conveniently help you check up on the exact temperature level your refrigerator is operating at.

The Fresco ZoneTM Plus compartment within the refrigerators keeps your fruits, vegetables, and meat fresh by storing them at temperature and humidity levels best suited for the produce. These models also include a special nook for storing herbs, dedicated to our love for fresh garnishes and chutneys, so that you can have them fresh and ready while cooking.

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