B.J. Habibie’s Project Conducts Topping Off for Third Tower

B.J. Habibie’s Project Conducts Topping Off for Third Tower
17/04/2019 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

PT PolluxProperti Indonesia Tbk (POLL), has advanced its position as a trusted developer in Indonesia as it continued to consistently complete the construction of its project portfolios in a good and timely manner.

Adding to the register of on-schedule project milestones in Phase one of the MeisterstadtBatam mega-block construction project is Tower A3. The topping-off of Tower A3 follows closely after the topping off ceremonies for Tower A1 and A2 in mid-January and March 2019 respectively.

“The topping off of Tower A3 represents our commitment to develop the MeisterstadtBatam mega-block area as a whole, on schedule — as was also demonstrated with Tower A2 a month ago,” said Po Sun Kok, President Commissioner of PT PolluxProperti Indonesia Tbk.

The topping off ceremony was held last Wednesday on 10 April at Swiss – BelhotelHarbor Bay, Batam and was attended by the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of PT PolluxBarelangMegasuperblok and PT PolluxProperti Indonesia Tbk.

PT Pollux Barelang Mega super blok, or commonly known as PolluxHabibie International, is a collaboration between PT PolluxProperti Indonesia Tbk. and the family of former President of Indonesia, B.J. Habibie.

Po shared that in addition to timely project developments, the company is also committed to upholding a high standard of quality, as shown by its selection of construction partners.

“We are collaborating with PT PP (Persero) Tbk. — a company renowned for their quality materials, while elevators and escalators will be supplied by KONE, a world market-leader in this business, “said Mr. Po.

The symbolic topping off ceremony of Tower A3 was held concurrently with a VVIP Investor Gathering.

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