Bathrooms are the New Living Rooms

Bathrooms are the New Living Rooms
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Bathrooms are now a space for rejuvenation and luxury. There is a rising popularity of concept washrooms and coordinated sanitary-ware, fittings and accessories. More premium and high technology products for their bathrooms are being preferred nowadays by the customers. Bathroom spaces are no more mundane, but offer a touch of personal space and luxury. Urbanization has led to a rising demand for luxury bath products with finesse finish. It has not only brought tremendous change in people’s lifestyle but also a change in spending patterns leading to a strong inclination towards international standards.

Bathroom as a place is not just used for bathing activity but also provides a space for so many things; be it comfort relaxation, washing or storage. Nowadays, consumers desire designer bathroom with great looks, luxury and proper utilization of the given space. For them it’s not just a regular area in their home, but a private sanctuary they like to use to re-energise and unwind at the end of the day. A perfect bathroom space is a subtle combination of both functionality and aesthetics.

Currently, many market players in sanitaryware industry offer basic colours beyond the conventional palette. The variety includes an array of light and fresh hues of blues, reds, pinks, and greens. With the newest assortment of colours, consumers can personalize and rejuvenate their bathroom space giving it a complete transformation and making it the one where anyone can feel relaxed and refreshed. You can add a twist to a traditional bathroom scheme by contrasting boldly coloured walls with equally eye-catching fittings and an elegant mirror giving your practical space a fine makeover. One can make a strong statement with bold and playful bathroom colour palettes which will enliven any space.

Modern bathroom designs are basically divided into two zones – “wet zone” & “dry zone”. Wet zone refers to the area where activities like showering, washing, cleaning takes place and dry zone refers to the sink and storage area. To conceptualize and carry out a tactically designed bathroom space it is very essential to properly plan, select & coordinate colour (if you are using more than one colour) the colours, choose appropriate lighting, pick good accessories, fixtures, flooring and ceiling materials. Since bathrooms are the most humid space in your house, it should have proper ventilation and air circulation to avoid suffocation. Other key factors that should be kept in mind while designing bathroom space are the selection and placement of basic necessities like support bars, storage ideas, wall hooks and hangers, soap dish etc. as they are most of the times neglected. A wide variety of accessories are available in the market today, one can select them according to their budget and put in the most essential ones to make bathroom look impressive and fresh forever. These small things are essential to give your space a touch of entirety.

Creativity and technology has no bounds and bathroom segment across households and hotels are not behind. Bathrooms today, in India, have taken a leap towards being the luxurious lifestyle spaces of the house. The current design trends are all about adding the contemporary effect in the bathroom spaces having chic look with highly functional products. There is a rising popularity of concept washrooms and coordinated sanitary-ware, fittings and accessories. Creating bathrooms as relaxed living spaces with right amalgamation of aesthetics and most advanced functional features is the growing trend today and is going to stay for a while.

When it comes to luxury and hygiene, many products have been introduced in the market such as waterless urinals & electronic toilets to elevate the technology standards of bathroom products. The automatic systems made with the highest quality and hygiene standards, come with a selection of hands free features making them a modern day product. Roca electronic toilets have routed its way towards wellness into your bathroom space along with presenting a sleek look to the ever-evolving bathroom spaces.

The trends in India, especially in the lifestyle domain, are inspired by international standards in luxury & bathrooms owing its credit to rapid urbanisation in the country. This has led to a rising demand for lifestyle-driven bath products with finesse and has also brought tremendous change in people’s lifestyle, and spending patterns that lead to a strong inclination towards creating bathrooms a personal living space.

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