Bobby Mukherji designs Marriott Resort and Spa in Jaisalmer

Bobby Mukherji designs Marriott Resort and Spa in Jaisalmer
17/08/2018 , by , in News/Views

Bobby Mukherji& Associates designed the interiors of the Marriott Resort and Spa in Jaisalmer, a modern take on Indian royalty, keeping a deeply Indian essence to a stunning work of hospitality that has an international outlook. Overlooking the remarkable Jaisalmer Fort, this palace hotel showcases flawless design, unparalleled amenities and world-class service.

Recognising how intrinsically woven into the Jaisalmer identity is its regal past, BM & A has designed the hotel to merge within the landscape of the city’s ethos. As one sets foot into the hotel, they’re transported to a world where long corridors, high ceilings and exquisite marble flooring give it a palatial feel, even as technology helps the guest time-travel between today and erstwhile Jaisalmer.

Classic Jaisalmer motifs find prominence in the hotel’s interiors just as upgraded lifestyle indulgences form an integral part of the experience of staying here. Tastefully designed rooms and suites spell understated luxury like few can. Coupled with some time at the Spa that features luxe treatments in serene environs, Marriott Resort & Spa in Jaisalmer is an architectural marvel that understands history, is passionate about nature, recognises the significance of modernity, all wrapped together with the finest in luxury.

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