Bosch Home Appliances unveils Serie 4 Refrigerators

Bosch Home Appliances unveils Serie 4 Refrigerators
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Europe’s leading home appliance brand Bosch Home Appliances has launched unveiled its Serie 4 Refrigerators specially designed to suit the Indian consumers. Bosch announced the launch of the much awaited Serie 4 Refrigerators for the mass consumers, a product that promises to keep the food stored in it so fresh that it feels directly picked from the farm. Equipped with a compelling product promise in the bouquet appliances within this range, the series is touted to solve the freshness and storage woes of food this summer.

Generally food brought from the market has lower shelf life during summers. Also, India faces problems of power failures and voltage fluctuations leading to decreased life span of food products. The regular refrigerators are designed in such a way, that storage space is reduced with their small compartments and thick side-walls. Bosch Serie 4 refrigerators not only keeps food fresh and retains the taste for long with its path breaking features, but also solves storage problems with its unique design and thin side-walls. Consumers will not only be able to eat healthy food, but will also be saved from constant trips to the market to buy grocery as food can now be stored safely with Bosch Serie 4 refrigerators keeping its nutritive value, taste, color and fragrance intact.

Gunjan Srivastav, MD & CEO, BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. said, “With the rising temperature and humidity, food storage is a major concern in India. Food purchased from the market does not remain fresh for long. Consumers either compromise with the reduced taste and nutritive value or there is food wastage. With the new Bosch Serie 4 refrigerators which are developed based on detailed consumer insight and research, the consumer no longer needs to compromise. The serie 4 promises to keep food farm fresh with its unique features. Also it is available in a wide range of capacity which ensures it meets the need of all types of consumers.”

He added, “We have also ensured that the consumers get the best after sales service. The entire installation of the appliance would be done by trained professionals from Bosch. More than 90% of the installation is completed within 24 hours. We also offer competitive costs for extended warranty and spare parts .In case any part of the appliance is damaged accidently or malfunctions at a later stage of usage, it can be replaced as the spare parts are available for 10 years. This is one of the biggest launches for Bosch home appliances this year and we expect to redefine our refrigeration supremacy and 80 years of legacy with the introduction of this range.”

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