Branding, Leads and Loyalty are the three core agendas of Online Marketing

Branding, Leads and Loyalty are the three core agendas of Online Marketing
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Realty+ in conversation with Ram Jalan, Chief Marketing Officer, Omaxe Ltd learning about the digital marketing strategies transforming the real estate industry.

What are Omaxe Digital Marketing strategies?
Digital Transformation is the core agenda of the new marketing team at Omaxe. We have created a T-Shaped structure for marketing where each is a specialist in their respective domain. We use Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing along with Social Media, to target the users. We follow it up with the Content and Video marketing techniques to retain the user and build confidence. We have created a 21-level drip process to build customer confidence.


How does one measure ROIs from digital marketing campaigns?
We define ROI from digital and offline marketing as in Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) and Cost of Lead Acquisition (COLA). Cost per Traffic, Cost per Reach, Cost per View, New Vs. Retaining visitors, Cost per Site Visit are other metrics that feed data into COCA-COLA.


What is the Company looking to achieve through its online marketing?
Branding, Leads and Loyalty are the three core agendas of Online Marketing.


How is consumer behaviour changing with the dawn of digital real estate?
90% of today’s real estate buyers research online before deciding on a property. Consumers are brand conscious, besides being price sensitive. They want to engage only with brands that have the reputation of delivery and quality. Customer testimonials and online status are big influencers.


What are the expansion plans for Omaxe and the role you foresee of online space in the Company’s growth plans?
We foresee Digital Transformation around Marketing, Sales and Customer functions to be the topmost priority for real estate. Brands that will adapt to the digital way of doing business will triumph. Customers will go beyond his online search for a house or office space and now trade a home online. Brands will entertain this new way of doing business to bring in more transparency.


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