Building Management Automation Technology are aiding Housing Societies

Building Management Automation Technology are aiding Housing Societies
26/06/2019 , by , in News/Views

Intelligent Building Management Automation (BMS), is enabling reduction in operating cost while improving staff productivity and safety/security, undoubtedly proving to be a small investment, with valuable long term benefits. One such adoption of BMS Technology is recently undertaken by Lokhandwala Group, who has developed several prestigious projects in Mumbai and Dubai, covering over 30 Million Sq.ft.

In their recent, Project Victoria – Worli, Mumbai the group has enabled a smarter lifestyle in all individual apartments through Smart Automation. This 44 storeyed tower, with 4BHKs and Penthouses is indeed the personification of luxury living in Mumbai. However, this project goes beyond individual apartments, and extends automation to the entire building level with the deployment of an intelligent BMS.

The Intelligent BMS System is deployed by BuildTrack, one of the leading Brands in Smart Automation and IOT products and solutions enables smart lighting controls, and it monitors sensors for safety (Fire, Gas leak, Intrusion detection from all apartments at a central monitoring location. The BMS monitors the working of all motors and pumps and indicates the working status of the elevators in the building. The automation also enables RFID based vehicle entry – exit system which allows Vehicle identification and controlling the speed limits. Not only does each apartment has a video door phone system that allows residents to see who is at the door, but the same system is enabled at a building level that allows connection to a lobby level video door phone that can be used by visitors before they enter the building .

Overall, the BMS Software based platform helps the building to build efficiency and cut energy usage compared to conventional buildings. The building managers too, get to respond quickly to safety events or for addressing issues that building assets like elevators, motors, pumps, all controlled seamlessly through one central system.

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