Burosys, redefining Indian workplaces

Burosys, redefining Indian workplaces
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What Zara is to the fashion industry – a trendsetter, Burosys is to the world of furniture designs! A long term industry player, Burosys is a brand name which is synonymous with innovation, quality and efficiency. At the same time, while living up to its motto of redefining workplaces by modernizing them, Burosys appeals foremost to the aesthetic synchrony by turning around the office setting into an artistic display of uncompromising competence. It constantly comes up with forward thinking designs which aim to provide comfort and accessibility within the sphere of affordability to all its customers. This sets Burosys apart from all the other players in the market as intelligent engineering to infuse modern features in furniture products combined with the usage of high-quality recyclable materials is an unbeatable proposition from any company.

Co-Founder of Burosys, Hersh Pitroda, says that it is a very simple yet powerful idea which has been behind the constant success of the brand, “We want to redefine the workplaces in India by upgrading an organization’s look to next-generation office setting. This requires an all-around evolution of the furniture from the standard desk and chairs models to designs which imbibe the benefits of technology for the comfort of the customers. Our products feature connected spaces with occupancy sensors, wire chargers, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, USB points, automatic lighting, IoT (Internet of things) embedded in the Desking systems, and much more. At the same time, we understand that an office’s furniture ought to reflect the values of the company and so our customization differ as per the requirement of our clients.”

But irrespective of the brand (or individual) being serviced, Burosys proposes functional, aesthetic as well as economical solutions after understanding the requirements of the clients and keeping the comfort of employees as priority.

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