Capacit’eInfraprojects announces Q3FY19 results

Capacit’eInfraprojects announces Q3FY19 results
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Capacit’eInfraprojects Limited (“Company”), a fast growing construction company providing end to end services for residential, commercial and Institutional building with presence in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), Pune, Chennai, National Capital Region (NCR), Varanasi, Kochi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru announced its Unaudited Financial (Standalone) results for the quarter and Nine months ended December 31, 2018.

  • Total Income for 9M FY19 grew by 36% to ₹ 1,317 Crores as compared to ₹ 970 Crores in 9M FY18. The Total Income for Q3 FY19 was ₹ 459 Crores as compared to ₹ 375 Crores in Q3 FY18, showing a growth of 22%.
  • EBITDA for 9M FY19 grew by 34% to ₹ 209 Crores as compared to ₹ 156 Crores in 9M FY18. EBITDA for Q3 FY19 was ₹ 71 Crores as compared to ₹ 58 Crores in Q3 FY18, posting a growth of 23%. EBITDA margin for 9M FY19 was at 15.9% and for Q3 FY19 was at 15.5%.
  • Finance cost as a percentage of Total Income has declined to 2.6% in 9M FY19 from 3.0% in 9M FY18. Finance cost for 9M FY19 is ₹ 34 Crores as compared to ₹ 29 Crores in 9M FY18.
  • Depreciation and amortisation expense for 9M FY19 stood at ₹ 64 Crores as compared to ₹ 40 Crores in 9M FY18. The capex spends towards Core Assets in 9M FY19 stood at ₹ 55 Crores.
  • PAT for 9M FY19 grew by 23% to ₹ 70 Crores as compared to ₹ 56 Crores in 9M FY18. Diluted EPS for 9M FY19 stood at ₹ 10.26 per equity share. PAT for Q3 FY19 was ₹ 24 Crores as compared to ₹ 23 Crores in Q3 FY18, growing by 5.3%.
  • Cash PAT for 9M FY19 was ₹ 140 Crores as compared to ₹ 99 Crores during 9M FY18, growing by 41%. Cash PAT for Q3 FY19 grew by 32% and stands at ₹ 46 Crores, whereas it was ₹ 35 Crores during Q3 FY18.
  • Total collections during 9M FY19 is ₹ 1,279 Crores

On the performance Mr.RohitKatyal, Executive Director & CFO commented, “We are proud to continue our good performance during the financial year by delivering a 36% YoY growth in our Total Income and 41% in the Cash PAT. We have been consistently adding new orders both in the Private as well as the Public sector and have exceeded our target for new order inflows in FY19. Also, during Q3 we bagged our first major order in the Factory’s segment.

With the sustained order inflow and our expertise in executing and delivering projects on time we are optimistic that we shall witness a healthy and sustainable growth.”

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