CenturyPly shelves JV with Chinese door maker Goldea

CenturyPly shelves JV with Chinese door maker Goldea
06/09/2019 , by , in ALLIED

Plywood and laminate maker Century Plyboards (India) has shelved its joint venture (JV) with Chinese door manufacturing company Goldea.

The Kolkata-based company has ventured into the business alone and has doubled its door manufacturing capacity. It has also launched variants to expand its CenturyDoors range.

Speaking to the media after the company’s 38th annual general meeting in the city on Wednesday, CenturyPly chairman Sajjan Bhajanka said: “We shelved the 60:40 JV with the Chinese firm primarily because the light weight doors were not well received by the market during its test-marketing. Since Indians prefer heavy doors, we have begun manufacturing them at our units in Guwahati, Karnal in Haryana and Roorkee in Uttarakhand.”

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