‘Cluster of Blessings’

‘Cluster of Blessings’
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Deepshikha Singh visits the abode of Mrs. Malini Mehrotra in Gurgaon and comes back impressed with the restful ambience of her house

Mrs. Malini Mehrotra is a person who is led by her dreams and imaginations. As an individual, she is truly proud of her family’s roots. She exuberates with the culture and tradition that has been inculcated by her family. She is an optimist, irrespective of her circumstances.

Mrs. Mehrotra has such a vibrant persona that you want to remember her for many years to come. She is a strong and independent woman who is action oriented. She belongs to Agra, Uttar Pradesh and currently resides in Gurgaon.


She is a very creative person and has done all the interiors of her new house at Gurgaon on her own. “There is nothing in the world as sweet as a home,” she says.
Coming to her hobbies, she likes to listen to retro music, loves watching movies in free time but adding different hues to her home is her favourite pass time. Her strength is her positive attitude, confidence, self motivation and her four daugthers – Koshika, Shubhi, Mudita and Vidhi!

Home Address:

IRIS, I-1301, Bestech Park View Spa, Sector 47, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
About Sohna Road, Gurgaon:

Sohna is a town and a municipal committee in the Gurgaon district of Haryana, India. The City of Sohna is a popular tourist location, especially as a weekend and conference retreat. It is located 24 km from the city on the highway from Gurgaon to Alwar, near a vertical rock. Sohna is situated on the foothills of Aravalis. It is famous for its hot water springs and an ancient Shiva Temple. A fair called Gangasnan is organized every year in the month of November. Another fair is organized during the months of July and August to celebrate the festival of “Teej”. Other attractions include a grand park situated on the top of hills maintained by Haryana Tourism. It has state of the art lodging and a restaurant overlooking the town.


About her house:

The area is within a huge society like a condominium and has a peaceful atmosphere with abundant greenery adding to its beauty. What I like most about Mrs. Mehrotra’s home is the positive vibes I get as soon as I enter inside. This warmth actually helps me to de-stress and unwind. When I look out of the window, I automatically start exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings – A place where the mind is at rest and feels comfortable.


“I am peace loving person and have always preferred to dwell in a peaceful abode and Bestech Park View Spa met my expectations beautifully. Unilke the pollution in the city, the air here is pleasant and I often catch a glimpse of the green expanse from my bedroom’s window. At times, I just stand alone in my balcony with my coffee mug and enjoy the bliss and calm of my home. The locality is extremely good, clean, safe and well maintained,” she avers and adds, “The concept of a home for me is a place where you can be happy or sad and cry or enjoy and have fun according to your mood and express yourself freely. Basically, do anything at any time.”

She states that a house must have enough ventilation so that when you come home from work in the evening you feel completely relaxed. “I highly recommend that a house should have a balcony for the freshness of plants to come in. Height, space, light and ample cross ventilation was my top prerequisite before zeroing out on my current apartment,” she declares.

Story behind the new home:

“After living in a palatial bungalow in Agra for more than 35 years; built over 800 square yards, finally, the time came to bid farewell and move to Gurgaon. It is difficult to own such a huge bungalow in such an expensive city and therefore, I made up my mind to settle for a comfortable apartment. For months together, we had been hunting for a better and more personal space for us so that my creativity could take on wings and fly. I had approached a real estate agent and gave him my requirements. I did not compromise on my wishlist at all. After much dejection, my real estate agent finally found me this place. By the time, we reached Bestech Park View Spa, it was already dark and we checked out this apartment in the dim light of our smartphones. However, what is meant to be finds its way and I fell in love with this apartmentinstantly and sealed the deal!” she reveals.

Rest as they say, is history – She decided to move in. The best part is that all the major facilities like a club house or daily necessities are housed inside the society and therefore, it is a big boon for all the residents.

So which one is the Comfort room?

“Well, this is a difficult question as all the rooms have a different look and feel. However I would say it’s my bedroom as that is where I ultimately crash and rejuvenate.There is nothing that gives you more comfort than a soft mattress covered with a soothing bed sheet on which you can rest your body after a long and tiring day. At times, I can just be found watching films while sitting on my bed with a mouthwatering snack. What can be more tempting than that?” she says.

Theme of the home: 

There is no particular theme in the house. The feel is warm and the look is simple and sophisticated but classy. “I have a natural flair for smart ideas and therefore, I followed my imagination while doing up my home. I keep experimenting with interiors on a regular basis – people who visit my home frequently notice the changes each time and marvel from where I get such quirky ideas! Over the last many years, I have accumulated a decent collection of very unique artifacts and I keep playing with their positioning to add to the overall look! I have decorated my home in a very simple yet homely fashion. It is quite traditional actually with dull brown colour walls, white colour roof and tiled floor. There are a few pillars here and there that add to the decor and weave the classic Indian design to it, which can also be found on the roof. My bedroom and hall have beautiful but very subtle chandlers with yellow lights that just increase the beauty of the place. So, the theme is simple yet elegant and royal,” she explains and elaborates further, “I believe in creative imagination. When you bring in the sober and classic factors and blend them into your creativity, the final look is just `out of the world! And that is exactly what I have done with my home. My home is planned keeping my overall taste in mind and is extremely comfortable – A place that allows ease of expression, happiness and balance. Beautiful greenery surrounds the back drop, bringing in that much needed connect with nature.”

Colour for home:

Earthern colours with the contrast of hues of sea greens and blues

Message to the new homebuyers:

“When you go out house hunting the most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that this is the place where you would probably spend the rest of your lives. So, do not compromise in terms of space, light, height, cross ventilation, good connectivity and security and it would be an icing on cake if it is amidst beautiful surroundings. I did not pay a single penny to any interior designer for doing up my apartment but I guarantee that after taking a glimpse of my home, there may be people who would be willing to pay me for doing up their homes,” she opines.

A happy family of five women comprising of her and four lovely daughters – Koshika, Shubhi, Mudita and Vidhi, is more than happy in their abode!

“They are my strength and my reason to live and together, we have made a beautiful home and therefore, I named my home as ‘Cluster of Blessings’,” she concludes.

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