ColourNext is the most decisive voice on colour in India

ColourNext is the most decisive voice on colour in India
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Realty+ in conversation with Amit Syngle, Chief Operating Officer – Asian Paints Limited. Asian Paints ColourNext is the most decisive voice on colour in India with exceptional ColourNext trends of 2019 – Adulting, Harvest, F-lux, Enchanted. It has been a showcase of colours, materials, finishes, patterns and objects of the décor trends set to inspire designers for the year ahead.

Being the biggest brand in the industry, how has been the brand journey of ColourNext 2019?

Colournext is a trending exercise. Analysing on the terms of what’s hot in the trend and what’s going to move the market in the market in an exclusive manner. We felt that as the take-over leaders in the market and being the largest paint players, we are looking at assisting the industry at large – what type of colour movements is going to happen in future for the year especially to design it with young moods. However, there is no documented Indian research. We are taking the bits and pieces of what’s happening in the world to paint the Indian scenario through ColourNext. Looking at what we decided to do is a comprehensive research and in terms of what’s really moving, we have learned in the last 16 years in putting something which is spectacular in research collaborating with architect designers and product designers at large.


Based on what research you have come to the conclusion of ColorNext 2019 ‘Awakening’?

As a part of research, there are sociologists and we look for a lot of opinions. As a part of the entire research, we do a lot of, they tell us what’s happening in the market in terms of social movements. The various stories which come out and look at some fervent read of colour and something which represented the times that return – that’s where awakening took the place where we felt awakening is a colour where the kind of showing the certain mood of unrest which is there in the nation and people questioning the status quo what they need to do. Awakening is a deep colour of plumb which shows the dignity in part of the humility of the ground. It stands for something that presses your conscience and what’s really happening and stand for something that you believe in. Therefore, what we see is that the colour which leads to change. That’s how awakening came in because the word also means that it’s shaking you up.


New Colour Shades of 2019.

Every year, we are one of the leaders that come out with thorough research in the market. This is something which we believe very strongly because the colour of the year which comes in is basically a dominating colour compared to the colours we promote at all the places. There are a lot of customers that come in asking for ‘what’s in’. Every year, we come up with new finishes, new textures and there are a lot of new wallpapers. There are all new happenings that are around and it’s a part of the story in terms of how things move into the mind.

How has been the industry response for Asian Paints?

‘Awakening’ being the new colour and many new designers have started using their works. There are many product designers who’ll start expressing happiness around with their works all across. Working with excellent designers like Micro Folly, Karim Rashid, Asian Paints takes pride in designing the best on colour awakening. Asian Paints has also introduced Asian Paint (AP) Homes with an extremely good response as the customers are extremely happy with the product. What we feel largely the responses come from professional segment that is people who are working today as professionals.

The colour shade Awakening is something that happened based out of strong research. It’s a new age colour in terms of what is going on the market. People do not look at awakening which is the colour, but they are more looking at lightening some of the stories that come across – that may lead to speaking to their clients – they can talk about the story behind the product. With

With the second trend of ColourNext 2019 – Harvest we have used new materials and in Adulting in terms of what millennials want. However, there are some mini stores which are coming and we are many enticing products for the people – there is where we are showing awakening in terms of various formats. This is a huge amount of inspiration for general customers and designers and majorly for people who are connoisseurs of décor.

Future Plans.

Asian Paints is looking into many areas with a new store format known as Asian Paint (AP) Homes about 8000 square feet big store which is housing for all the categories. We are implementing the idea that we are offering customers everything they believe to get for own décor, one whole room with full visualization. He can see everything before, the entire process is painless and delightful for the consumer. We have already put 4 stores in India – Cochin, Delhi, Raipur and Tamil Nadu. We are looking for stores so that they are able to reach more and more customers. We are using the latest technology so that people are able to visualize the costing as well – VR and AI are integrated into the whole zone so that people can see before taking the home.

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