Construction Workers to get social benefits

Construction Workers to get social benefits
16/05/2018 , by , in News/Views

Construction workers and their families across the country ARE provided benefits through the Model welfare scheme prepared by the Central government. The SC had asked the Centre to form a committee and lay out policies of social welfare. It had also directed the Centre to use the cess for workers.

The model welfare scheme proposes that 50 per cent of the premium under the PrandhanMantriBimaYojana would be borne by the Central/State welfare board while the remaining would be borne by the Centre. The draft also proposes to give medical expenses which would be borne by the state board. The amount could be availed by the workers from insurance companies or also by the National Health Protection Scheme. Education scholarships for the BOC workers’ children is also proposed in the draft.

Further, the draft will be sent to a committee formed by the Centre for suggestions from all stakeholders.

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