CREDAI NCR closes 105 cases in one day at 48th CGRF

CREDAI NCR closes 105 cases in one day at 48th CGRF
15/09/2017 , by , in News/Views

The NCR chapter of real estate developers’ body Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI NCR) organised its 48th Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) on Wednesday to hear out the grievances of the homebuyers and solve them in the best possible manner. In this CGRF, the members cleared 105 cases in one day re-assuring the homebuyers that the body stands for the rights of the buyers.

The grievances were heard by the office bearers of CREDAI including Getambar Anand, Chairman (CREDAI), Jaxay Shah, President (CREDAI), Pankaj Bajaj, President (CREDAI NCR), and Pankaj Goel, Secretary (CREDAI NCR) and Acting Chief Justice of Indore High Court (retired) SK Dubey.

According to Pankaj Bajaj, President, CREDAI-NCR, “In this sitting we cleared 105 cases in one day that reinforces our commitment to improving the relations between the customers and the developer community. CGRF is an effort from CREDAI to make sure that the customers get justice in case of complaints and they do not have knock on various doors to get their complaints resolved. Many disputes arise due to poor communication and lack of trust. CGRF bridges the trust gap and resolves the differences.”

At CGRF each complaint is given 5-10 minutes on an average and an average of 50% cases get resolved within first hearing. A total of 3248 cases were registered till 13 September 2017 out of which 3077 have been closed.

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