Daughter of Director, Arrow Engineering Ltd reply to Realty Plus

Daughter of Director, Arrow Engineering Ltd reply to Realty Plus
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In clarification to the Realty Plus news “Directors of Arrow Engineering Ltd (AEL) arrested for Rs 2.5 crore fraud” dated 19/09/2017, the daughter of the director of AEL Nikita Malhotra sent editor of Realty Plus an email reply on the issue clarifying their stand and disputes regarding the case.

As the case is under legal subjugation, she could not provide details but this is what she had to say.

“We are the ones who were under a loss because some dealer sold us the salt pan lands which are the government lands and nothing is supposed to be constructed on them, the dealer got us fake licences and agreements which were one of the major reasons we are stuck, and were allegedly proposed for fraud. Another thing is that we took the lands from the farmers and gave them full payment plus we offered to give them some occupation in our company, but Samita Patil (Activist involved in the case) had to interfere and she has just ruined everything.

They have attached land worth several crores under MPID which is not applicable but they still did, also they attached 409 which are not applicable either. Gaurav Khanna was not a director in 2007, which clearly states that he shouldn’t be a part of the case. Now the papers of property worth more than 200 crores are lying in court. We have given the amount of money to the court which was asked.

Also, the person who filed the case Surinder Madhwani, who himself lives in Delhi, we have given him his full refund back but he still refuses not to let go of the case. They have been under custody for almost 11 months now, this has destroyed the whole business; plus his health is slowly sub-standardizing, he’s facing very bad medical problems, even skin allergies, a lot of hair loss and this big mess has caused him great depression. We paid all taxes and duties before they SURRENDERED. Only if the director comes out, only then will the company function; thus we are looking for some support from people so that so they are bailed out quickly.”

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