Décor ideas for monsoon

Décor ideas for monsoon
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The arrival of monsoon in India is much awaited. There are some who take inspiration from this spell and upgrade their home décor accordingly.Let us look at some creative décor ideas which can help elevate & brighten the ambience of your home this monsoon:-

Bright colours –With the sky being cast with grey clouds on most days, one can’t help but feel slightly dull as well. However, you can recharge your senses with bright colours like yellow & orange which can help uplift the overall look of your room and give it a beautiful contrast against the grey weather outside. Use bright and cheerful colours on walls or invest in bright synthetic curtains to make your rooms livelier. Also, you can upgrade your living room by rearranging your furniture and/or add colourful ones like bean bags.

Candle Lights & Fragrance – Incessant rains and humidity can sometimes cause a feeling of dampness in the air, resulting in an unpleasant smell that never seems to leave the room. You can avoid that by lighting scented candles which, apart from making the room smell lovely, creates a romantic ambience. Furthermore, you can set a relaxing mood by arranging a variety of oil lamps and votive candles on decorative trays and let them work their magic on your senses.

Baskets & Floor/Door Mats – Protect your expensive rugs and carpets by replacing them with coir mats that can effectively take off any mud, water, or sludge brought in by you or your guests. Place door/floor mats both in and outside your home in neutral shades since they can conceal dirt and can be used for long intervals. Opt for mats that are made with bamboo, jute or acrylic material. Additionally, consider keeping a basket near the entrance as a viable storage option for all your damp rain gear like umbrellas and raincoats.

Indoor Plants & Floral Decorations – Enliven your home décor with lively indoor plants and floral decorations inspired by the ample greenery of the monsoons. Use attractive pots and containers for plants in order to give the room a bright & perky look. You can also use antique lamps and fairy lights to further accentuate the overall ambience of your home.

Apart from aforementioned ideas, you can always choose to improvise and use your creativity which may result in creating a unique design that has your personal touch.

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