Depleting coal stocks hit several power units

Depleting coal stocks hit several power units
09/09/2017 , by , in ALLIED

Coal stocks at many power plants have depleted rapidly in recent weeks, leaving some including Reliance Power’s Rosa plant with almost no coal at times.

This has triggered a sharp dispute between companies and authorities over causes of the shortfall. Six plants with a total capacity of 5,220 mw do not have coal to generate electricity for even a day. These include thermal plants at Bhilai, Balco, Raichur, Pathadi and Yamuna Nagar apart from Rosa.

Fuel inventory of 28 plants with a capacity of 34,390 mw has dipped to very low levels. The Central Electricity Authority regards only 11 of them “critical”, which entitles them to priority supply.

Others are not in the category because they are blamed for not lifting their quota of coal in the past. CIL executives say many companies reduced their fuel inventory in recent months by not lifting the entire quantity they were entitled to, and are now demanding their full quota, which is not possible, particularly after flooding in some mines and issues of transportation

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