Developers step into HUDA shoes

Developers step into HUDA shoes
11/12/2017 , by , in News/Views

Developers have come to the rescue of thousands of residents who have recently moved into new sectors (58-115). With Huda facing financial crunch, and in the absence of a clear policy on division of responsibility among builders for construction of 24m-wide sector roads, connectivity has become a daily problem for these residents, some developers, with projects in these sectors, have decided to build roads, in some cases by buying land at hefty rates for this.

According to an estimate, more than 10,000 families have moved into over a dozen residential projects in new sectors along the Southern Peripheral Road (SPR) that offered possession during the past year. Developers who have handed over possession have started building roads in these sectors.

According to master plan 2031, the 60m master road in each sector is to be built by Huda, while responsibility of building the 24m approach roads is to be shared by all developers with projects along the road. However, in many cases, the 24m roads never see light of day as one or more developer defaults, or private landowners refuse to part with their land.

One of the big reasons behind the charitable streak in developers is pressure from buyers, including potentially new ones, because approach roads increase occupancy in projects. Tulip Orange resident Suresh Yadav said, “I was paying EMI so took possession of the flat, when the developer assured it would build the connecting road. We faced problems for a few months but kept pressure on developer, who finally built the road.”

Emerald Hills resident Indrajeet Randhawa, said, “When we started living here, we realised there was no approach road — a big problem, especially during monsoons. We complained on all forums. Finally, the developer relented.”

Some developers have joined hands to build both types of roads. In sectors 65/66, Emaar India and M3M Group jointly built 1.6km of the 60m-road to ensure connectivity to projects like Emaar’s Emerald Hills and Marbella and M3M’s Urbana. Emaar also built a 1km-long 24m-road in Sector 62.

“We’re developing roads in sectors 62, 65 and 66 for our residents at Emerald Hills and Marbella. This includes upgrade, bitumen top and kerbstone repair of all sector and access roads, along with green belts on the sides and median,” said an Emaar India spokesperson, adding they will also install and maintain streetlights on access roads. Director Pankaj Bansal said M3M Group has built roads in sectors 65/66 on Golf Course (extension) Road. “We’ll also beautify the area,” he said.

“It’s not that Huda is not building 60m-roads in new sectors. Work has been delayed for one reason or another,” said administrator YashpalYadav, adding litigation on land acquisition is a primary cause for delay.

Praveen Jain, MD, said Tulip Infratech has built two 24m-roads in sectors 69/70 that lead to their projects Orange and Wide. “We’d already delivered the projects, but they had no connectivity, so we built the roads,” said Jain. “There were three developers who were to share responsibility for the 1km stretch in Sector 69, but when the other two did nothing, we did it alone,” said Jain.

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