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“Maintain enthusiasm and look for solutions when in a spot, there is always a solution. Ensure you invest time in and with yourself.” Charu Thapar, Regional Director – Head of Strategy & Platform, Property & Asset Management, Asia Pacific, JLL

How have you maintained synergies between professional and personal life?

My life mantras have helped me in achieving harmony between professional, maternal and personal lives. These are, not to let important tasks become urgent, meaning – planning and setting realistic expectations with various stakeholders, myself included. I maintain an empathetic approach to all situations and being flexible to embrace and encourage thoughts, ideas and points of view by keeping a sense of humour. Spending quality time with friends once a week aside from work colleagues is refreshing and rejuvenating.

What are some of the career achievements that are close to your heart?

Driving and creating enthusiasm within our teams to use JLL driven technology, making the Property and Asset Management business run as a healthy and very profitable business from its struggling days and achieving an international honour recognition in a previous organization.

What are the general perceptions about women in your field of career and how have you handled them?

Real estate sector is still male dominated. However, in the last few years there has been a perceptible change. The transformation in the sector now demands personnel from diverse backgrounds and a creative talent pool. And women are no different than men when it comes to bringing in that diversity and innovative approach.

Irrespective of the sector, companies are already feeling the need to hire women workforce with varied talents in huge numbers. This said, it is important to be armed with knowledge and information to be respected in this field, like in any other field. Hence, being curious, constantly upgrading skills and generating enthusiasm have helped me in my journey.

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