Enabling Digital Integration Of Builder And Buyer: Sachin Mehra, Founder – DaeBuild CRM

Enabling Digital Integration Of Builder And Buyer: Sachin Mehra, Founder – DaeBuild CRM
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For most Indians, buying a property, especially a house is much more than just a financial transaction. It is the promise of a better life, a secure future and the realization of a cherished dream. Unfortunately, the real estate market in India has for long been shrouded under the veils of obscurity, confusion, and mistrust, plagued by wide gaps between buyers and builders, expresses Sachin Mehra, Founder – DaeBuild CRM


Cutting-edge Tech Solution

A lack of trust, transparency, and answerability is precisely what DaeBuild’s robust and cutting-edge CRM Software is tackling with precision and perfection since 2013.

The DaeBuild CRM platform is the most powerful and flexible Pre-Sales and Post-Sales automation system for Builders and Developers in the PropTech CRM space. Robust and easy to use, it caters to all aspects of sales, customer accounts, customer engagement, and tracking, right from inquiry to possession.

With the implementation in 300+ projects, processing thousands of units for builders in over 40 Indian cities, this centralized web CRM is revolutionizing the outdated dynamics of builder and buyer interactions – successfully creating a powerful and transparent digital integration where both parties can function with clarity, trust, and accountability.


That’s not all. DaeBuild also offers an extension of its CRM software on mobile.



The app empowers Real Estate Builders to manage their sales activities and customers, on-the-go, providing maximum convenience and ease of use. Right from capturing leads and tracking follow-ups to accessing real-time inventory status and blocking units, the Builder app is perfect for time-pressed builders.

Also, in the works is DaeBuild’s Property BUYER APP, a futuristic and technologically-advanced white-labeled solution that simplifies property buyer-builder interactions. Using the app, buyers can view and track unit details, construction progress, seek support and much more.

The future of real estate in India shows promise of streamlined growth and discipline with game-changing platforms such as DaeBuild CRM generating trust, timeliness, and transparency for buyers and builders throughout India.


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