Gera Developments’ brings in ChildCentric Homes

Gera Developments’ brings in ChildCentric Homes
23/05/2018 , by , in News/Views

Gera Developments, with a track record of over 48 years and one of the pioneers in creating premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, Goa & Bangalore formally inaugurated LilletteDubey Theatre Academy for children at the award winning ChildCentricTM Homes at Song of Joy, Pune. This is LilletteDubey’s first Academy in the country. She personally inaugurated it and conducted an interactive and fun-filled “Magic of Theatre” workshop for the children of Gera’s Song of Joy and Greensville.

LilletteDubey who is also Artistic Director of her own theatre company, and has acted in over 60 plays, and 55 films, and directed 35 acclaimed plays of her own, has introduced a specially designed programme for children of different ages. The programme aims at whetting the appetite of children for dramatic arts while teaching them some wonderful tools that can also be applied in the outside world, to build personality and improve communication skills, with a special emphasis on a sense of joy in the learning of these skills.

Applauding Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homes concept and expressing her excitement at the launch of the LilletteDubey Theatre Academy at Gera’s Song of Joy, LilletteDubey said, “Gera’s ChildCentricTM Homes is an innovative concept that provides the best opportunities in different disciplines to nurture the natural talents of children. I am delighted that my first Theatre Academy in the country is going to be housed at Gera’s Song of Joy, Pune. Having been involved in Theatre, for over 35 years, I have observed that it grooms children and adults alike into expressive, confident individuals that are more self aware and more sensitive to the nuances of human interaction and group dynamics. It helps them overcome inhibitions, instills self-confidence, hones public speaking skills and lays the foundation for them to be better communicators and leaders. I am glad to be part of a training programme that helps kids grow and learn while allowing their parents to balance their careers and families.”

The Magic of Theatre Workshop conducted by The LilletteDubey Theatre Academy is exclusively for the residents of Gera’s Greensville and Song of Joy. As of now, the academy will start with two batches for children of age groups 7 to 11 years and 12 to 16 years.

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