GIS survey of properties comes a cropper in Amaravati

GIS survey of properties comes a cropper in Amaravati
04/08/2018 , by , in News/Views

The much-hyped scientific survey of properties in municipal cities and towns through Geographic Information System (GIS) has come a cropper as the ruling party leaders including the legislators are reportedly opposing the move.

The influential business lobby is said to have pressured the officials in civic bodies into putting the survey on the backburner. The GIS survey was launched in September last year with an aim to complete it by November.

However, the GIS agencies could not tag even half of the assessments in the cities and towns even after 11 months.

The state government has roped in several private technology firms to conduct the GIS survey to make a scientific assessment of taxes in the civic bodies. The agencies use the latest gadgets to capture the measurement of each property and fix the tax slab based on the local tax structure. The field teams of the private firms make a visit to each and every household in the municipal areas to study the actual tax to be levied on the particular structure.

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