Global warming prompts urgency on green homes

Global warming prompts urgency on green homes
27/03/2019 , by , in ALLIED

We live in a world where the air is polluted, our natural resources fast depleting and the threat of climate change is no longer just a warning but a stark reality. However, what is encouraging that there is also increasing awareness of the situation across the globe and all stakeholders are taking steps to improve the scenario.

Energy efficient, environment-friendly Green homes and commercial structures is the new buzz word from homebuyers and office occupiers. In last one year, there has been rising number of homebuyers showing interest in buying not just homes, but green homes.

About 10% of buyers are enquiring about homes are now checking if the project offers green homes and has any certification to support the claim, showed an industry study.

The Indian green buildings’ market is expected to double and may reach around 10 billion sqft by 2022, valued between $35 billion-$50 billion. After US, India ranks second in terms of the number of green technology projects and built-up area.

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