Google says Set reach 100 per cent renewable energy goal

Google says Set reach 100 per cent renewable energy goal
16/12/2016 , by , in ALLIED

Alphabet’s Google is on track to purchase enough renewable energy to cover all its global electricity consumption next year, the company said.

Google expects its purchases of wind and solar energy will be enough to cover its data centres and offices worldwide starting in 2017.

Google began with a global target because companies often cannot specify what type of power utilities supply to their facilities, and renewable energy is unavailable in some key markets where it operates, particularly in Asia. The company will now focus on striking more regional deals where its data centres and other significant operations are located, said Gary Demasi, director of global infrastructure and energy.

“We have to keep up with growth but also need to evolve beyond this very important milestone for Google, to be able to do renewable energy projects in every market where we operate,” he said.

“To what degree it is a deciding factor on whether you go with Google or somebody else I can’t say, but it will likely be part of some companies’ equation,” he said.

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