Greenvision Technologies launches ‘Ultra Gel’ for home inverters

Greenvision Technologies launches ‘Ultra Gel’ for home inverters
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Greenvision Technologies, makers of Relicell lead-acid batteries has announced the launch of maintenance-free gel-based battery ‘Ultra Gel’ for home inverters.

These gel-based batteries for home inverters are 100% maintenance-free and require no topping up of distilled water like other normal batteries. They are completely sealed and safe, and hence there is no danger of acid spillage that spoils expensive floor tiles, carpets etc., and they do not emit unpleasant acid fumes.

The containers of ‘Ultra Gel’ batteries come in red color with the top cover in white. They are 70% of the weight of a similar capacity flooded battery.

“The special gel-based technology used in the UTRA GEL series, enhances the battery life, thus saving costs. They charge much faster than conventional flooded tubular batteries. They reach full charge from a fully discharged state within five to six hours,” said Biju Bruno, Managing Director, Greenvision Technologies.

The batteries, currently available in four models, come with standard three-year onsite warranty anywhere in India.

Giving more details about the various capacities of ‘Ultra Gel’ series, Bruno said, “Normally, inverter batteries are rated as AH (ampere hour), which most users do not understand. Hence our ratings are in watts and they are at a three-hour rate of discharge, and it’s easier for a customer to understand.”

“The 12V 750 watts battery will give you three hours of backup on a 250 watt load thereby giving you a total of 750 watts energy. Similarly, 12V 1000 watts will give three hours on a 333 watt load, 12V 1250 watts give three hours on a 415 watt load and 12V 1500 watts will give three hours on a 500 watt load. These are approximate figures and may vary slightly depending on the inverter or UPS it is connected to. The backup time also depends on the efficiency of the inverter/UPS,” he adds.

A typical home during a power cut will use three to five lights, two fans and a TV. So, the load could vary from 150 to 500 watts depending on the type of lights and TV. Customers can choose the battery accordingly depending on the load and the backup time required.

The price is of a ‘Ultra Gel’ battery is similar to that of flooded batteries, but cost of ownership is lower since the cost in maintenance is eliminated. The life expectancy of these batteries is around five years under normal usage, which is higher than that of flooded batteries by 25%.

‘Ultra Gel’ batteries will be available at the company’s distribution network covering more than 3000 dealers across India.

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