Halonix launches Inverter LED bulb with creative ad

Halonix launches Inverter LED bulb with creative ad
04/10/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Halonix has launched an Inverter LED bulb under its subbrandHalonix Prime. It has unveiled a unique ad campaign showcasing love-hate relationship of kids with its new innovative Inverter LED bulb, which continues to light up even after power cuts, thereby ensuring that kids do not skip their study time during power cuts in the late evenings.

Conceptualised by Enormous, the TVC interestingly showcases the product as most ‘hated bulb’ of the country especially so by kids who now cannot skip studying during of power cuts. Parents, however, are happy to have found the right solution for an uninterrupted study time.

Commenting on the launch of the new ad campaign and its relevance Mr Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies, shared, “We are truly excited to launch our new TVC that carries forward the spirit of solving ‘real’ problems faced by our consumers. I am confident that the innocence of the children and the playfulness of the advertising will make it a very memorable and endearing brand campaign”.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr Ashish Khajanchi, Managing Partner, Enormous said, “It takes guts for a client to start the ad by introducing his product as the most hated bulb in the country. As the story unfolds, one realizes that behind the tongue-in-cheek message that is delivered is a fantastic product.”

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