Home rules tweaked in Haryana

Home rules tweaked in Haryana
03/01/2018 , by , in News/Views

The Haryana government has decided to allow people constructing homes to file a self-declaration mentioning they have followed the building plan in an attempt to streamline the process of issuing occupation certificates.

Under the amended Haryana Building Code, 2017, a person building a home will have to give a “self-certificate” through a recognised architect to the department of town and country planning. The government is expected to issue the occupation certificate (OC) in eight working days if the applicant is found to have followed all the rules of construction.

Officials said the district town planner (DTP) and the assistant town planner (ATP) might conduct random checks of the site to ensure the new rules aren’t misused. In case of any discrepancy, the department will cancel the OC and blacklist the architect whose name is mentioned in the self-declaration. “The construction of a house is one of the biggest events in an individual’s life. So, the chief minister has amended the Haryana Building Code, 2017, to simplify the process of granting OCs. The changes have been made to ensure that law-abiding citizens do not face any inconvenience,” said district town planner R S Batth.

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