Indian Army to use solar energy to dispose of old ammunition

Indian Army to use solar energy to dispose of old ammunition
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Disposing ammunition is a very dangerous and energy intensive process. Traditionally it is done using demolition explosives in demolition grounds/firing ranges. While the Central Ammunition Depot of the Army in Pulgaon, Maharashtra has devised a method for utilising solar energy for disposing ammunition which have completed their shelf life, the present methods being used by the Indian Army around the country are neither cost-effective nor eco-friendly.

In the first of its kind development in the world in field of demilitarisation of ammunition, the depot designed an innovative method which uses steam generated by concentrated solar technology (CST) to melt explosive material inside the shells of munitions with calibres ranging from 40 mm to 130 mm, say officials.

Central Ammunition Depot, Pulgaon, is the largest ammunition depot of the India Army, and also one of the largest ammunition depots in the world. Apart from storage of ammunition reserves, the depot is required to demilitarise/dispose large quantity of ammunition, which becomes unserviceable on expiry of usable shelf life.

For safe disposal, the defence ministry has plans to set up plants with the latest technologies available globally and is currently working on deciding the base lines to seek transfer of technology and set up a De-mil Plant for safe disposal of UNSV/ REJ ammunition at five locations across the country.

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