Indian Railways to Make Bricks from Waste

Indian Railways to Make Bricks from Waste
18/05/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Indian Railways always watches out to make sure its carbon footprint is as minimal as can be and has come up with a new initiative. Also they pull off costs efficiently. We can see one of such example in the Guwahati station that runs entirely on solar powered locomotive.

In this latest initiative railways has decided to convert waste soil into traditional bricks. It will be used for the construction project of the 111 km line to provide Imphal rail connectivity, scheduled for completion by 2020. The track would have 47 tunnels, covering a distance of 63.2 km, and 131 bridges.

Usually, the Railways buys traditional bricks from factories and transports them to the site which turns out to be a costly affair. The issue of excess soil and potential water pollution is solved through this initiative.

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