India’s solar energy capacity grown by 137 per cent

India’s solar energy capacity grown by 137 per cent
21/11/2016 , by , in ALLIED

India’s total installed solar capacity, including rooftop and off-grid segments, has crossed the 10 GW mark, a consultancy said.

India is expected to add new solar capacity of 5.1 GW this year, which is a growth of 137 per cent over last year, consultancy Bridge to India said in a statement.

“The pace of sector activity has picked up tremendously in the last two years because of strong government support and increasing price competitiveness of solar power. India is expected to become the world’s third biggest solar market from next year onwards after China and the US,” it added.

The firm’s Managing Director Vinay Rustagi said, “Many people are going to ask the obvious question – if we have taken more than 5 years to achieve 10 GW, can we reach 100 GW in another 5 years? It is a very steep target in our view.”

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