Integrated Security: Need of the hour

Integrated Security: Need of the hour
Mar 2017 , by , in Technology

Current scenario of India presents that the government, businesses and individuals are buckling up with precautionary steps against any sort of mishap.Manjit Rajain, Group Chairman of Tenon Group of Companies explains.

Major Manjit Rajain, Group Chairman


Natural calamity is a major factor acting as a security threat to the organizations. Also, the common targets for the terror attacks are business centers and public places. Inappropriate evacuation system and facilities during such events end up in major loss of lives and assets.Another security breach is that of the classified information, documents and property of the organizations, where those are either released with wrong intentions or rather misused. In addition, a complex new age evolving threat is the cyber security for which the organizations need to be both predictive and preventive in their approach.

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With the escalation of terror activities, calamities and breaches across India, organizations are facing security threats and ergo, seeking for security resources from different security management firms. This demand for integrated solutions include the basic security services like CCTV, metal detectors, baggage scanners and bomb detecting units. On a broader level, the organizations are seeking for threat assessment facilities as well.   Moreover, organizations are working on securing the physical infrastructure, disaster recovery mechanism and resilience of the system.


In today’s time, the forte is in providing comprehensive and customized security solutions – manned guarding, electronic or cyber.

The private security industry

The role of the private security industry has increased with the growing economy and rapid growth of urbanization in the country. The Indian security market comprises following verticals:


  • Security Systems
  • Manned Security
  • Cash Management
  • Security Assessment
  • Investigation Services
  • Fire Security


There has been significant investments in large scale infrastructure projects, industrial set ups and in various urban landscape developments like industrial complexes, offices, IT parks which has led to the increased demand of security. Development of public infrastructures such as airports, metro stations, shopping malls and other public utilities has also created a direct demand for private security services.


The surge in the global terrorism index has also created a heightened need for security. This coupled with the high cost of security and government’s limited resource (low people police ratio ) to address all security requirements directly, has opened up the demand for private security services which can efficiently complement the state machinery for security.


Fire Safety

Fires cause a major loss of lives and property hence; the organizations follow protocols and guidelines of international standards to prevent such events. Installing fire alarm system in the arenas are mandatory for the firms by the norms of National Building Code of India. The fire alarm systems fall into two categories, manual fire alarm systems and automatic fire alarm systems. Manual ones consist of break glass units and alarm sounders connected to a control panel, which can be activated in the case of fire to raise the alarm. Automatic fire alarm systems trigger the alarm without manual activation, providing early warning of fire.Apart from the regular fire detectors, organizations get installed various types of alarm detection systems, as per their requirements, like:


  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Flame detectors
  • Gas detectors
  • Fire Indication Panel


Home Security & Automation

Technology today has allowed us to secure the arenas through interconnected security solutions. Since the late 90s, the instrumentation of the homes has been happening with conventional burglar alarm system, CCTV systems, EM locks, etc. It had the basic limitation that the systems were not interconnected.


With change in technology the concept of security has changed and technology based security that can be integrated and can be remotely accessed has become an essential part of our homes and personal life. From being discrete systems home security systems have now converged.


So there are various systems like, Fire Alarm, Gas Detectors, Glass Break Detectors, Intrusion Detection System, CCTV, Access Control, Video Door Phones and Panic Buttons converging with the other systems like, Cable TV/D2H Platform, Automated Curtain, HVAC/AC system and Lighting control.



The Latest Developments


With the convergence of home security, home automation as well as mobile internet, the systems are now capable of proactively notifying concerned authorities of any breach in the security systems to Advanced command centers through a well -defined system of procedure work with the concerned authorities and mitigate the breach even before any crime or any situation goes out of control.


In the security of organizations, the up gradation of technology ranging from the video surveillance to predictive command centers to predict threats is playing a crucial role. The webs of wires for video surveillance are now converted to signals and gone wireless. The installation of Wi-Fi cameras for small arenas and Point-to-Point cameras for covering large areas serve the required needs of the clientele.


While, the latter systems use antennas to connect over large distances, like for connecting surveillance systems in multiple buildings, the wireless antenna of the cameras communicates with the base station through the signals.Furthermore, using the power of internet, the modern IP video surveillance systems serve the flexibility of video management, making the live feed accessible anywhere across the globe on computers and smart phones.

Today, with the digitization, it is possible to remotely arm and disarm the security at any facility. The CCTV system can be accessed from any location within the building and from outside, how so ever remote the location is. This has enabled one to have a better control of their premises. In addition, the state-of-the-art control and command centres offer managed remote surveillance services. This provides a complete security solution for risk elimination and prevention (REAP), delivering end-to-end IP video surveillance and alarm management solutions.


Businesses and industries are taking measures to avoid calamity and for the same, the corporates have raised their security budget by 40-45% in the last few years. Enterprise security spending was about $1.12 billion in 2016 rising from $1.01 billion in 2015. This 10.6% hike in the security spending is a major marker that firms are strengthening their security vertical. This vertical will continue to grow to revenue of $1.24 billion by 2017. These spending include consulting, implementation, support and managed services for security.

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