Interview of Ashish Mahajan,

Interview of Ashish Mahajan,
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A USD 100 billion real estate industry which has been termed as a sunrise sector doesn’t seem to move away from the traditional ways of running media/ advertisement campaigns. Ashish Mahajan, Co-Founder,, a real estate dedicated content platform opines.

Pamphlets by the same firm with that one project continue to fall from our daily mails.Or for that matter the “in your face banners” that prompt you to look at a Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Shradhha Kapoor and even Boman Irani endorsing property developers. Come to think of it, the day real estate companies stop advertising; the bill board business may come to a standstill.

Not surprisingly, a typical Sunday newspaper in Gurgaon would be filled with numerous advertisements which read – “’ABC’ Clinic, ‘DEF’ Advisors, ‘GHI’ partners invites you to the biggest property fest of all times”. Or some would go to an extent of saying “homes for 15 lacs”, “homes with assured rentals for 15 years”, “homes with numerous finance schemes”. The same will play on your popular radio shows as jingles. In fact, a recent SMS and Facebook campaign by a leading player came to notice, whereby the firm is marketing properties worth Rs.10 Cr and above – on mobile handsets….

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