Interview with Architect Aashish Karode, New Delhi

Interview with Architect Aashish Karode, New Delhi
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What kind of projects do you enjoy doing the most?

We enjoy most when the artistry and free thinking spirit is encouraged, without “cookbook” rules. We work within value systems of course, not just for “autonomy” . Form rules but we work towards social goals and architectural excellence. We enjoy work the most when the corporate interests, cost constraints and municipal rules don’t straight jacket the thinking trends in our design project. We actually look to design within a design process that responds to principles and interesting new ways of thinking, but not to rules built to suit only commercial motivations.

Tell us something about your approach to your projects?

To me, a lead architect does not just assume leadership in his projects – he has a larger disciplinary leadership defined in his approach. For instance, I am concerned with the social aspects of planning and design. Image, form and content can all contribute but cannot detract from my social agenda. A good environment or building must also catalyse social processes. So architecture has to be more than a functional thing- it is also a graceful way of life. The determinants of which are more than mere functioning- it is embedded with pride, change, growth, social and environmental responsibility. It has at once, a local sensibility, an appreciation of nature, climate, natural processes and just as much has an urbanists vision, a global perspective. I believe that design brings Grace to life, and that that matters!

Who/what inspires you and your works?

It is unfair to the many people who do great work to take the names of just a few. I respect the impulses of designers who are sensitive to history, material, and nature. I am turned on by articulate and contextually sensitive design that exhibits the designers passion to find an appropriate expression suited to people and place. That is my most admired form of architecture. I do not like design that is influenced by personal pretentions or opulence to override the importance of natural processes, and the gracefulness of life.

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