Interview with Architect Jaisim, Bengaluru

Interview with Architect Jaisim, Bengaluru
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The personal background and forming of the architectural firm Jaisim-Fountainhead

FIVE decades of exploration to express the content with context has made JF wander into many areas of wonderland.

• Comments on the architecture in general practiced today

Except for a small minority the majoirty are jsut building performing to the demands of builders and real estate

• Do art & architecture reflect the society and its value system

YES it must otherwise it is not architecture , if it does not then it just some built environment

• Architecture that has inspired your work

The Mythical works of Roark and the fascinating historical works that abound in this and other nations but usually hidden in the sands of Time.

• Working synergy with the younger generation of architects

WOW they are the oly reason that I continue my practice hoping some spark somewhere will light another candle to another journey

• Some of the memorable projects

Each project has been a challenge even the un built ones. Each has led to another, some a few words, many a few lines, others a chapter but holistically the story is a totality it isthe GITA, The BIBLE and the KORAN integrated to mans life on earth and his abode. –

• The architectural education scenario & what more can be done

]Education is a challenge but the real education is a lonely journey. One can only learn the tools in a school, but the real journey is ONE’s LIFE

• Please comment on the growing specialization in the field of architecture

As technology gets complex, and Art tries to comprehend , the complexity of disciplines that make for a built environment and their integration is a challenge and one has to master if not comprehend the multi complex services and utilities that make up Architecture.

• The role developers can play in creating socially & environmentally sensitive buildings

The demonetization drive should push reality into realtors to realize a future of content with context with cost and environment that makes LIFE comfortable and happy.

• The real estate scenario in Bangalore

MUST be seen and witnessed to be believed

• Is there a lack of initiative on part of the architectural professional bodies like CoA & IIA in engaging with the policymakers

EASY to remark. Difficult to implement. Each has enough to grind. It will take a few decades to realize the values and witness a great change. But it will happen. We are passing through times of challenge the picture and other data.

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