Interview with Architect Peter Ho, PHOOEY Architects, Australia

Interview with Architect Peter Ho, PHOOEY Architects, Australia
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Which of your projects has been the most rewarding and why?

The Port Phillip EcoCentre on the corner of the St Kilda Botanic Gardens was our first completed project in private practice. We started to ask questions about what role architecture might play in the discourse of a sustainable future including aiming to create zero waste by reusing the rubbish produced by design & what it might look like.

How do you think architecture will change in the next 50 years?

I think architecture will help society by communicating diverse identities about resilience & adaptation to climate change … preferably in an entertaining manner.

What would students learn from reviewing the body of projects you have completed?

I’m not sure what they will learn … but they are likely to see some strategies & representations that aim to create zero waste. They may play with these strategies & develop other ways of doing & seeing. I advise students that there is no right or wrong answer. There is always just a better & more appropriate solution.

What aspect of Architecture do you find most important?

Understanding the aspirations of the people we are creating architecture for. Fundamental to our practice and design process is the exploration of diverse opinions & ideas.

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