Interview with Architect Sumeet Saxena, New Delhi

Interview with Architect Sumeet Saxena, New Delhi
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And what you enjoy the most, what’s your favourite design?

It’s very difficult to say, I am in love with interior designing and architecture both, there is nothing specific. The field is vast and we basically like to do good design- that’s the main aim of our practice. Even we prefer doing environment sustainable buildings and this is very important aspect; I would say. You keep on building up structures; you go on eating up the earth, so at least those structures need to be sensitive to the environment and to the culture you are building whrerein. Besides these we also see whether they are sensitive to the climate and are compatible with it.
Which project is close to your heart?

There is nothing specific here. Every project that we undertake is close to my heart. It takes time in development and building up a complete structure is not easy. Even an interior project varies from 6 months to a year. But still there’s this project- a cottage at Kosambi, which have come out very well and yes, not to mention, there are a lot of things which you want to do but the clients won’t let you. It was challenging, yet exciting.
What drives you to continue in this field and taking up challenges?

I always want to design something nice, something different all the time which is usually appreciated and keeping all those things in mind, I keep looking forward. I try to learn from the mistakes and try to achieve better next time.

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