Interview with Mallika Ravi, CEO, Lancor Holdings Ltd.

Interview with Mallika Ravi, CEO, Lancor Holdings Ltd.
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You are a Chartered Accountant by qualification. What prompted you to enter the Real Estate industry?

Buying a property is a big decision for a family. They not only invest their money into it but also spend a considerable amount of time into choosing what best satisfies their financial, emotional, and aspirational needs. As a real estate developer, I have an opportunity to be a part of this process – to build the property and create individual living environments for people. From structures to interiors, one can innovate and experiment with different ideas in every project to make homes distinctive.This is what made real estate fascinating for me.

What do you think has made you successful at work?

I believe my focus, getting to details, and the constant urge to learn have been the primary reasons for my progress. In my role, I am required to maintain a fine balance between meeting the customer’s demands and business objectives. I have to deal with different stakeholders like investors, architects, contractors, employees, on a day-to- day basis. This provides me with a new learning experience; both professionally and personally. For any woman to succeed professionally, having an understanding family is essential and I have been fortunate to have one.

In what ways can women contribute differently to the real estate sector?

Women have an innate aesthetic sense that helps in adding various elements to the property that can make it stand apart from the rest. Every building should make a statement for itself. Right from design, elevation, interiors, colour and aesthetics, etc., women have an understanding of what people will like. Women are also able to empathise with home buyers on their needs and contribute towards matching their requirements.

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