Jayvardhan Goenka Director, DB Realty

Jayvardhan Goenka  Director, DB Realty
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Hailing from some  of the finest educational  institutes in the  world, Jayvardhan  Goenka is the youngest Director of DB Realty. Starting his career at the age of 20, he  quickly  earned  the  respect  of  all  the  members  of  the  organisation  due  to  his  structured, efficient and fair methods of working.  Leaving home at the age of 12 to attend Aiglon College, a Swiss boarding school, Jay completed his IGCSE’s and A- Levels with straight A’s, earning him a place at the London School of Economics

Always one to strive for the best, Jay began to set precedent as soon as he joined  Aiglon College, achieving a great deal before being awarded Guardianship (Head  Boy) in his final year. In addition to the countless responsibilities as Guardian and his  looming  A‐Level  examinations,  he  continued  to  set  high  standards  for  other  students,  by  completing  the  Silver  Duke  of  Edinburgh’s  Award.

He topped his achievements  by receiving the Virtus Award at his Graduation Ceremony – an  award given in recognition of outstanding contribution to the school and upholding  the ideals of the founder through personal example and service to the community.His continual desire to achieve excellence in all fields resulted in him graduating from the LSE with a First Class Honours in Economics and Philosophy.

Having completed a summer internship at McKinsey & Co. in New Delhi, Jay Goenka joined DB Group in 2011 and soon rose to the forefront of its real estate activities, having harboured a keen interest in the market from a young age.

Having gotten used to a very structured environment, Jay began operating in a similar manner in the company, keeping a friendly yet professional relationship with all his peers.

Jay has made the company a well‐ oiled machine, with everyone working as efficiently as possible, as well as creating an open environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up and give their opinions.

Not one to allow for any work to go overlooked, he has introduced a  strict system of communication across the company, ensuring that every individual  in the company has a purpose,responsibility and is empowered enough to get their  work done without the constant supervision of higher authority.

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