Kajaria Galaxy – Integrating the Best in Bath Spaces

Kajaria Galaxy – Integrating the Best in Bath Spaces
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Arun Kajaria, Proprietor, Kajaria Sanitary Mart (Kajaria Galaxy) talks about the trends, latest offerings and USP of the products with Realty Plus

Tell us something about the range of products you offer?

Our range encompasses a number of products, from Kajaria tiles used in living spaces and baths to Jaquar bathroom fittings, sanitary ware, glass wellness enclosures, spa’s, whirlpools and steam cabins. This allows us to cater to the varied needs of the customer.

What are the latest offerings from Kajaria Galaxy?

We have recently launched 130X800mm glazed vitrified tiles which have a wooden finish, it gives your space a very natural look with the strength and durability of a vitrified tile.

When it comes building houses and homes, what is the importance of bath spaces?

Bath areas are an integral part of our industry. Bath spaces are one of the first few structures that are planned out on any blueprint from plumbing to waste management and interiors. It is one of the first few reasons for a shopper to visit the store when he plans his home.

How has the bath trend evolved over the years?

The bath trend seems to be moving to greener products, to be more conservative in the consumption of water. There is a change in perception of a bath space from being purely functional, to a space that is an integral part of your lifestyle and leisure time.

Do you feel that baths are now being seen as an important aspect for the developer at large?

Absolutely, bath spaces are the perfect platform for a developer to showcase technical prowess and constant industrial innovation. It is not only the starting point in a project lifecycle but central to the projects plan until completion.

What is the USP of your product?

The cutting edge technology that delivers perfection in quality to our products, the uniqueness and scale of the assortments in our product range, and the assurance of reliable service that builds trust and provides value to every customer is our biggest USP.

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