Luxury segment remains unaffected by market conditions

Luxury segment remains unaffected by market conditions
15/09/2018 , by , in News/Views

With stability in the market and things getting better by the day, the real estate sector has been showing signs of fast recovery and the segment that is expected to grow really fast. According to industry experts, the luxury segment has been a weather proof segment and continues to grow at a fast pace.

Vikas Malpani, co-founder of a leading real estate research firm, says, “It has been observed that luxury segment continues to be unaffected by any market condition. The demand in this this segment has been stable. It is expected that with introduction of new amenities and projects, the demand is all set to grow in the coming times.”

Continuing the sentiment, another leading player, says, “Indian real estate market has been facing turbulence for the last couple of years. But the luxury segment has the capability to sustain. Investors as well as endusers/homebuyers can invest is in several leading areas. The projects have very good potential for both, end-users and investors.”

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