Mumbai development plan to take off

Mumbai development plan to take off
31/03/2017 , by , in News/Views

The BMC will need Rs 91,080 crore in the next 20 years for executing the revised draft development plan 2034. And as a first step, expecting that DP-34 will clear all hurdles this year, the BMC has allocated Rs 2,096 crore for its initial work such as construction and widening of roads.

The earlier draft DP, which the government shelved and asked to be revised, would have need Rs.6.5 lakh crore for its execution.

If the revised draft DP is approved, BMC wants to construct roads at a cost of Rs 1,030 crore and widen a few roads at a cost of Rs 160 crore in 2017-18. It also plans to spend Rs 827 crore to acquire land for DP execution.

In earlier DPs, the civic authority hardly managed to achieve 20 % of their total targets.

The most controversial proposals in draft DP —of a Metro car-shed in Aarey Colony, opening up salt-pan land for development — are before the BMC general body. The corporators will discuss them in detail and decide whether to send them to the government for final approval.

A civic official said most local bodies do not pay attention to the finance while finalizing DP. As a result, funds required for DP implementation create hurdle. However, the proposed DP will consider both aspects. The new DP mainly focuses on non-financial tools such as floor space index (FSI), accommodation reservation etc for its implementation.

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