“Our biggest strengths are green building concepts”

“Our biggest strengths are green building concepts”
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In an exclusive interview with Abhishek Mehta, Director, Urban Tree Infrastructure, who won Emerging Developer of the Year award. Mr. Mehta talks about the USP of his company with Realty Plus

How do you feel after winning the Realty Plus Award?

We feel great to receive this award which gives us a chance to focus on more achievements in the realty industry.

Has it raised the bar of expectation from you for the future?

Yes it has.

Do you think the jury process was transparent?

Yes the jury process was transparent and fair, they drawn support from the leading property developers too.

What are your biggest strengths?

Our biggest strengths are green building concepts, minimal use of non-renewable energy and low pollution. We are positioning urban tree as a leader in the concept of green building.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

We believe in team motivation at the work place is an important task. We select the right mix of people for any specific work finding out from the team. What do they want to achieve at work. We have regular business meetings, once you understand the professional needs and goals then set the achievable target for the team.

What has been the turning point of your career?

Creating an opportunity to bring the green building concept in our all the projects and made it happen.

What is the USP of your company?

The USP is transparency, Quarterly customer meet, luxury homes at the affordable prices, project status live streaming etc.

What is the advice you would like to give to upcoming and young developers?

The upcoming and young developers can focus on more environmental friendly projects and it will be a lifelong experience for them. Dedication and sincerity towards the commitment is of prime importance.

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